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Conference 2021

November 3-5, 2021


Host Universities


University College of the Cayman Islands

The University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) is the nation's premier provider of tertiary education. The institution's STEM initiatives began in 2012 with the establishment of the UCCI Observatory named after its co-founder, the late Dr. William Hrudey, MBE.  Dr. Hrudey shared President J.A. Roy Bodden's vision of  expanding young people academic and professional horizons by exposing them to the latest trends in science, technology and engineering and helping many confront their fear of math.

It was also their goal to empower teachers through professional development sessions led by internationally recognised experts such as Dr. Shirin Haque, the only astronomer in the Caribbean and the first woman to head the Department of Physics at UWI St. Augustine.

Harrisburg University

The Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HU) offers innovative academic and research programs in science and technology that respond to local and global needs.  The institution fosters a diverse community of learners, provides access and support to students who want to pursue a career in science and technology, and supports business creation and economic development.

HU first partnered with UCCI to co-host the STEM Carib Conference in 2017, introducing Cayman's students to an exciting group of educators and field experts who lead cutting-edge programmes and research.


Major Sponsors


Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture & Lands

From schools, colleges and training programmes to job placement, labour administration and pension inspections, we are a ministry focused on enabling our people to realise their hopes and dreams of becoming productive and valued members of Caymanian society.  This process is dependent on the ministry carrying out its core functions of developing and utilising our human capital.


Platinum Sponsor


Dart Minds Inspired

Dart’s focus on STEM is rooted in the company’s commitment to help equip Cayman's youth with the skills required to be tomorrow's leaders and innovators. STEM classes teach more than the subject being studied. They are a meaningful way for students to learn problem solving, critical thinking collaboration, communication and creativity; skills that are vital for success in today's workplace and the future success of the Cayman Islands.

This fundamental belief is the driving force behind Dart’s innovative and life changing programmes – Minds Inspired and Dart Scholar:

Minds Inspired promotes and encourages student interest in STEM subjects using initiatives such as SeaPerch, Math Challenges, Marine Engineering Camp and Robotics to introduce high school students to the real-world applications of classroom theory.

Dart Scholar encompasses a High School and a University scholarship programme. Both scholarships are awarded for academic excellence, and both incorporate life changing enrichment opportunities, work experience and mentoring.

Minds Inspired and Dart Scholar alumni are well-rounded graduates when they enter the workforce, poised to become leaders who will propel Cayman forward in the technology driven future.

STEM subjects underpin more and more of our daily lives, from classrooms to living rooms, from board rooms to operating rooms. Dart considers its support of STEM as an investment in futureproofing our workforce: a workforce that must embrace a technology driven future so that Cayman can remain competitive at a global level in the future.


Gold Sponsors


Cayman Enterprise City

Cayman Enterprise City ("CEC") is an awardwinning Special Economic Zone located in the taxneutral Cayman Islands, created for knowledgebased industries and has developed into an innovative, entrepreneurial technology hub benefiting from a taxexempt environment. CEC has stripped away the redtape and financial constraints normally associated with setting up an offshore Cayman company with a physical presence. CEC enables international companies to easily and costeffectively set up offices with staff on the ground and have a genuine offshore physical presence and generate active business income in the Cayman Islands.

CEC, through their initiative, Enterprise Cayman, has been a staunch support of UCCI's STEM programmes since 2012. They were the presenting sponsor of the STEM Ambassador Programme in 2015 and the 2017 and 2018 STEM Summer Camp. CEC also hosts the annual STEM Ambassador Breakfast at the conference.


Heath City Cayman Islands

Imagine an international hospital providing the highest standards in tertiary care in a state-of-the-art, patient-centred environment. Now imagine that cost is no longer a barrier to accessing this “Best in Class” medical care. You no longer have to imagine it. Health City Cayman Islands is delivering a new model of high quality, affordable healthcare. At Health City, all patients can receive vital heart and orthopaedic surgery, pulmonology, endocrinology and other medical services provided by highly skilled, compassionate medical professionals.



Silver Sponsor


Rotary Central Cayman Islands

The Rotary Club of Central Cayman Islands received its charter on October 30 1986. Since then, they have been heavily involved in improving and serving the community of the Cayman Islands including assistance with housing, the building of the T.E. McField Centre, the restoration of the Mastic Bridge, and hurricane relief. The club also recognises its international responsibilities having built a school cafeteria in Hinche Haiti and also in contributing to disaster relief projects, sanitation, and clean drinking water programmes worldwide.

As a longstanding supporter of STEM education in Cayman, Rotary Central Cayman Islands has been a pioneer sponsor of the STEM Carib Conference and other similar initiatives at the University College of the Cayman Islands since 2012. They also host the annual Dr. Bill Hrudey Science Fair.


Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd

Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd., known locally as "CUC", commenced operations as the only public electric utility in Grand Cayman, the largest of the three Cayman Islands, in May 1966. The Company has been through many challenging and exciting periods but has kept pace with Grand Cayman's rapid development for over 45 years. Today they are considered one of the most reliable and efficient power companies in the Caribbean.


Friends of STEM




Aureum Re

Aureum Re is a Cayman based reinsurance company, owned by an international group of experienced financial professionals with backgrounds focused predominantly in the insurance and reinsurance business. The management team at Aureum Re has a long professional history in the global reinsurance market, specializing in U.S. issued insurance products, and is well positioned to provide a compelling reinsurance offering to clients. Aureum Re focuses on the reinsurance of fixed annuities, variable annuities, and supplemental contracts issued by U.S. domiciled insurance companies.

Aureum Re are proud  to support STEM Carib 2018 and their efforts in promoting STEM education in the Cayman Islands.



Howell Management Services

Howell Management Services (HMS) is an experienced, U. S. based international student recruitment firm with a vast and established global recruitment network. As a professional international student recruitment firm, HMS has been able to inform, influence, and inspire hundreds of international students desirous of studying in the United States. It is our commitment to connect international student with the universities of their choice in a professional, transparent and timely manner.