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Conference 2018

October 9-12, 2018

Tamara Peyton

Assistant Professor
Interactive Media Program
Harrisburg University

Dr. Tamara Peyton is interested in the role of technology in positively impacting the social determinants of health and wellness. She is particularly focused on the way social support through digital systems helps people through periods of stressful transition, and towards a sense of resilience and a subjective feeling of wellness. She researches and teaches at Harrisburg University in the Interactive Media undergraduate and the Human-Centered Design graduate programs. As a professor, Dr. Peyton guide students towards figuring out how to engineer effective, appropriate and engaging experiences through the design of technologies that reflect human values. She is passionate about designing and delivering human-centered technologies that make a difference for people who are in need, whether the need is because of their health concerns, their age, their gender, or their socioeconomic status. She extends this passion for empowerment and equality to her commitment to promoting STEM career options and training for young women, particularly from less-advantaged backgrounds.

Prior to returning to university, Dr. Peyton spent over 10 years in Canada, the US and Bermuda working as an Interactive Systems designer, UX architect, MIS manager and web systems project leader in the pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries.


(A4): Human-Centred Research and Technology Design
10 October 2018 11:00 AM–12:00 PM

The practice of design is no longer only about designing static things. In the current networked world, design is now about designing embedded experiences. This means designers are shaping relationships between people, places, artifacts, and information. To be a creative empathic human-centered  designer, you have to throw out what you know and work with what you feel and dream. This hands-on session will challenge you to rethink what is possible by putting human needs and dreams at the centre of the design process.

(F2): Design Thinking Methods and Processes as Drivers of Innovation
11 October 2018 02:00 PM–03:00 PM

Design thinking is a way of doing more with less. It involves a mindset of curiosity, openness, and creativity. It is about creating choices, evaluating outcomes, and centering final ideas in real-life needs. The methods that are part of Design Thinking (drawing, prototyping, storytelling) all accelerate the creative processes of innovation. This hands-on session will challenge you to come up with ideas for future things through creative storytelling, sketching, and collaborating with others.