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Conference 2018

October 9-12, 2018

Sadhna Jain

Course Leader MA Graphic Design Communication
School of Design
Chelsea College of Arts
University of the Arts, London

Sadhna Jain's personal research and practice has evolved from ways graphic data and language is informed by interactive experiences.

She previously led the interaction design and digital media subject area at Central Saint Martins for MA and BA Graphic Design.

Jain's research has been presented at various International Symposia of Electronic Arts, as well as design and media conferences in Canada, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Recent research, “Relocating Vision in an Auditory Environment” involves a body of work incorporating physicality of sound, notations and scores within different sites and geographies.

Jain was awarded a UAL White Square teaching award in 2014.



(C1): Design Challenge
10 October 2018 02:00 PM–03:00 PM

Attendees will engage in a design challenge in which 'design thinking' is paired with 'creative technological ideas' to solve an imaginary crisis locally set.

(3B): Contemporary Design and Future Living
11 October 2018 03:30 PM–04:30 PM

This session will address how contemporary design practice actively contributes to addressing the social and environmental challenges that concern future living within a variety of situations and contexts. Through a set of visual case studies, it will demonstrate how the development of communication design methodologies and practices has enabled collaboration and innovation within collaborative contexts with partners in science, urban planning, and cultural institutions.