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STEM Carib Conference
October 10-13, 2017

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Dr. William (Bill) Hrudey

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Dr. Brenda Bush
Head Shot - Brenda Bush

Dr. Brenda Bush has had a lifelong love of animals and knew from an early age that being a veterinarian would be fulfilling a dream. Through veterinary medicine, she finds strengthening the human-animal bond in the community to be very rewarding, and has achieved her ultimate goal in providing quality, compassionate care. She attended the University of Arkansas, where she received her B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. in Animal Science. She was also granted a fellowship for post-doctoral studies at the University of New England in New South Wales, Australia. Dr. Bush was awarded her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Louisiana State University in 1994. Though having many professional interests, she is most drawn to educating clients and our island community about the importance of preventative medicine and pet over-population. Dr. Brenda and her Husband Phil enjoy managing their wonderful family at IVS, along with that of their Cayman canines, 'Noah', 'Boo', 'Irie', and 'Princess Tilly', two feline friends 'Sprout' and 'Dill', beautiful bunny 'Sweet Pea', and 'Prince Charming' the mischievous monk parakeet.

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Mr. Chris Cooke
Head Shot - Chris Cooke

Chris Cooke is the President of the Cayman Islands Astronomical Society (CIAS) and for the past 11 years has been an avid supporter and promoter of STEM. The Society, which is a charity, gives free monthly meetings at St Pedro's Castle  as well as special outreach meetings to school organisations and public social events - including a recent  trip to Cayman Brac. CIAS is always open to new members so everyone is ecnouraged to come along to the next meeting. Follow them on Facebook and look them up on local press for details – or visit their booth in the UCCI Sir Vassel Johnson Hall during the conference.
Chris' topic for STEM Carib 2016 is The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017. Chris has been in love with Astronomy since he was 12 and one of those passions (when finances and opportunities have permitted ) is to observe total solar eclipses. Experience is probaly a better word, says Chris- it’s a phenomena where the heavens do really seem to open up before your eyes  - and once seen you have to see the next one!  Chris has been following solar eclipses where possible since 1999 .
The next big eclipse is on August 21st is in 2017 and  “eclipse fever” has already started in the US. This presentation will provide the low down on the highlights of the event, where to go, what is going to happen, what to do to see the event safely and of course when. The eclipse is also visible from the Cayman Islands but will only be partial and will pale in comparison to actual totality... like being at the back of a Rolling Stones concert in Havana. 

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Mr. Nelson Dilbert

Head Shot -Nelson Dilbert Nelson Dilbert is the owner of Cayman Spirits Company, maker of the premium aged rum, Seven Fathoms.

His presentation focuses on the science that goes into the unique process of distilling Seven Fathoms, which has won numerous accolades and awards in international competitions.

Prior to founding his distillery, Nelson was the owner and operator of Hammerheads Bar and Grill and was the general manager of Big Daddy's Liquor for over a decade.

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Mr. Andrew Edwards
Head Shot -Andrew Edwards

Andrew Edwards is a Senior GIS Programmer Analyst at the Lands and Survey Department, Cayman Islands Government.
Andrew holds a Master's Degree in Natural Resource Management and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of the West Indies, he is also a Certified Oracle 11g Database Professional. Andrew is a seasoned GIS/IT professional with Comprehensive Business and Technical skill set in Project Management and Software Development. He is also experienced in all aspects of the Application Development process including user Training.
He has been working as a GIS professional for over ten years, and has been with Lands and Survey for over five of those years. During his professional career he has designed, developed, supported and maintained a wide variety of data, applications and services that leverage ArcGIS technology and leading development tools 
He has been involved in the development of desktop and mobile applications at Lands and Survey. While working at the National Land Agency in Jamaica he was integral in the migration of elandJamaica and Imap Jamaica applications that currently provides Titles and spatial boundaries for parcels in Jamaica.

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Ms. Krista Finch
Head Shot -Krista Finch

Krista Finch is a teacher of 17 years, mother of 3 and an advocate for empowering our children to be the best they can be.
She has taught Kindergarten at Cayman International School for the past 7 years and loves every minute of it. Four years ago, Krista was introduced to the Destination Imagination programme (DI) as a parent of children who had been invited to join. She immediately saw the benefits for all children and became involved. Krista is now quite busy with DI. She has had her own teams, teaches DI to her Kindergarten students, runs workshops and training and inform people on the island about DI.
Krista grew up in Canada and completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology and completed her teacher's training in Australia. She taught in England and again in Canada before starting her Masters of Education and moving to Grand Cayman. Krista and her husband have been in Cayman for 16 years and now call it home. Krista has taught at Cayman Prep and High School, Little Trotters, Red Bay Primary and now CIS, picking up an online Montessori qualification along the way. In all her learning and growing as a teacher and mom, the Destination Imagination programme has struck her as including the most important features we need to teach our children and even ourselves: 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. If we can think, explain and work with others everything else will be easier.
Destination Imagination is a volunteer-led, world-wide educational non-profit organisation that teaches 21st century skills and STEAM principles to Primary through to University level students by means of problem solving challenges which develop creativity, curiosity, collaboration and communication skills. The purpose is to inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders. Every year, seven new Challenges in the areas of STEM, Improvisation, Visual Arts, Service Learning, and Early Learning are created by specialists in those fields. Each Challenge enables student teams to learn and experience the creative process from imagination to innovation. Come try it out and have a little fun too!
In her talk, Krista hopes to share this programme and some of the activities, in the hopes that others too will see the value of DI and see how it fits into their life. Check out our developing website

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Mr. Darren Kelly
Head Shot -Darren Kelly

Darren Kelly is a Geomatician at the Lands and Survey Department of the Cayman Islands Government.
Darren holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Surveying and Mapping Sciences from the University of East London, and is a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS). Darren has been working with Lands and Survey for approximately 13 years, in various surveying roles.  He has vast experience in conducting different forms of surveys including cadastral, topographic, monitoring and volumetric surveys.
Darren’s current duties comprise of:
• Managing the tide gauge network in Grand Cayman which consists of the installation, maintenance, and upgrading of infrastructure and equipment. He is also responsible for the collecting, processing, analysing and distribution of tidal data.
• Managing the Continuous Operating Reference Stations (CORS) sites in Grand Cayman which consists of infrastructure, equipment and data.
• Conducting preliminary quality assurance checks on boundary surveys.
• Engaging in special requests for spatial data from both the Government and private sectors.

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Mr. Charles Palmer
Head Shot -Charles Palmer Charles Palmer isn't shy when it comes to touting the benefits of a technology-education marriage.
The two elements, after all, comprise his passion and drive, the engine that propels him to continually spearhead new developments that entice and challenge his Harrisburg University students.
Just ask anyone who's chatted with Albert Einstein. Or enhanced their 3D modeling skills. Or walked through the human heart. Really.
Activities such as these aren't make-believe. They form the core of Palmer's approach to education, which is hell-bent on bridging the divide between academia and technological breakthroughs by testing the parameters of the unknown.
As the director of the Center for Advanced Entertainment & Learning Technologies (CAELT) at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, Palmer applies his creativity, leadership, and technological expertise to promote the application of technology to contribute to the economic well-being of the region.
As home to one of only a handful of Virtuspheres ( in the nation, Harrisburg University is helping Palmer connect the academia-technology divide. A versatile simulation platform comprising a 10-foot hollow ball of ABS plastic, hardware consisting of wireless head-mounted display goggles, and software, the Virtusphere transcends the physical and financial limitations of time, space, and materials—the meeting place for virtual reality and real life, where users can wander around exploring just about anything.Such as the heart.
Palmer demonstrated an immersive, 3-D virtual walk-through of the human heart using the Virtusphere at the interactive technology expo Otronicon in January. "The Virtusphere has opened up a number of opportunities to examine various modes of entertainment," Palmer says. "We've researched a number of applications and technologies that allow full immersion of the user into a dynamic 3-D environment. The heart model is the forerunner for our virtual body project, which uses kinesthetic learning to teach the user about the systems within the human body."

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Mr. Sean Slattery
Head Shot -Sean Slattery

Sean Slattery is founder and CTO of Caribbean Solutions Lab. A 25-year veteran of IT, Sean helps small to medium enterprises throughout the region and North America protect themselves from cyber threats. He was also a security instructor for five years and has held a US Government Secret security clearance.

Cybersecurity – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
This interactive session will cover a variety of topics including “What is cybersecurity?”, the various types of jobs in the cybersecurity industry, and what a day in the life of a cybersecurity professional looks like. We will also pass long a few tips and tricks to help you better secure yourselves online, as well as provide a live demonstration of some of today’s threats e.g. viruses.

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Mr. Sam Small
Head Shot -Sam Small

Sam Small possesses 22 years experience in both design and construction fields of building and civil engineering. His first 8 years were spent on major projects in the North East of England. He has been based in the Cayman islands for the past 14 years, working on both large and small projects.
Sam founded his own companites to provide four independent firms covering construction, consulting engineering, architecture and building supplies, who can pull together as required to meet client's needs or act independently as required.
He is currently the President of CASE (Cayman Architect, Surveyors & Engineers) professional society, which just finished writing the professional registration act and introducing a 'green building code.' He also serves on a Climate Change panel.
Sam is looking forward to building a zero waste & energy HQ offices in next four years to profile a world class example of how this type of structure can benefit the environment and be practical at the same time.

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Mr. Douglas Sterling
Head Shot -Douglas Sterling

Douglas is a Land Surveyor with the Department of Lands and Survey and an Adjunct Lecturer with the University College of the Cayman Islands. 
He received his B.Sc. in Surveying and Geographic Information Science from the University of Technology, Jamaica and his MSc. in Property Development from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland.  He is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors the leading body for qualification standards in land, property and construction.  It is the pre-eminent organization of its kind in the world.
Douglas has been with the Lands and Survey Department for over five years and has gained more than 14 years of surveying experience throughout the Caribbean namely Jamaica, Bahamas, Bermuda, Anguilla and Cayman Islands.  
Some of his projects includes; monitor coastline changes in Cayman using GPS, established the first fixed based GPS for the Government of Anguilla, conducted large scale surveying and engineering works for hotel development in Bahamas and Bermuda, and analysed settlement rates using geodetic surveying techniques in Jamaica.

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MS. Angeleta Wilson
Head Shot -Wilson

Angeleta joined the Lands and Survey Department of the Cayman Islands Government in March of 2008 as a GIS Data Technician, and has since been promoted to GIS Assistant Officer and then to her current position as a GIS Analyst/GIS Development Assistant.
Angeleta's engagements have included several projects both within her department and in the wider public sector. Some of the more noteworthy projects in which she has been involved are:
• Caymap Desktop and Mobile Web Mapping Application and Subscriber Portal;
• The 2010 Population and Housing Census, where she served as a member of the Mapping Committee, and
• The Cayman Islands Government annual GIS Day event.
Angeleta's main duties are to assist in building software solutions to query, analyse, and present information stored within a Geographical Information System (GIS). She is also responsible for supporting those solutions, and in the implementation of new alternatives as technology evolves. Angeleta plays a key role in automating processes that ensure the Cayman Islands land information repository is consistent, current and accurate and is also responsible for the creation, maintenance and support of websites and web-mapping applications.
Prior to working in the Cayman Islands, Angeleta worked at Spatial Innovation Limited, Jamaica, where she was employed from June 1999 to February 2008.
Angeleta holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computing and IT from the University of Technology, Jamaica, a Master's Degree in GIS, from Lund University, Sweden, and a Certificate in Management Techniques from the Management Institute for National Development (MIND), Jamaica.

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