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STEM Carib Conference
October 10-13, 2017

What is STEM?

S - Science
T - Technology
E - Engineering
M - Mathematics

STEM is a term that has become increasingly popular in education when referring to this group of topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). A solid STEM foundation is not only a foot in the door of the world’s fastest growing job market, but has become crucial for the future success of all students.





See below for our media archives from past years:

April 24, 2015
Waste Management Project Manager: New Landfill Site Needed in Future (Article on

Grand Cayman will eventually need a new landfill site as an integral part of its waste management plan, project manager Jim Schubert confirmed. Speaking at the STEM conference on Friday at the University College of the Cayman Islands, Mr. Schubert said an integrated solid waste management plan would likely involve a number of different facilities, potentially including a recycling center and waste-to-energy plant. But, he added, "No matter what we do, we will always need a landfill. Hopefully we will minimize what goes in so we will have a smaller footprint landfill." He said reducing, reusing and recycling could have a big impact on diverting waste from the landfill and prolonging the life of the George Town site. However, he acknowledged that government would ultimately be required to find a new site.... [read full article]

March 19, 2015
Glimpse of Apocalypse for STEM Visitors (Article on

So this is how the world ends; with the sun consuming the Earth in a fiery inferno. Visitors to the Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Carib conference Wednesday got a glimpse of what the death of the planet, some five billion years into the future, will look like. Visiting astrophysics professor Ed Guinan charted the origins of the universe from the Big Bang to the likely end of the Earth. Speaking to a room of students and professors at the University College of the Cayman Islands, the professor described how the sun would ultimately develop into a "red giant" and engulf the Earth. The apocalyptic event would mean the end of life in our solar system, but Mr. Guinan, of Villanova University in Philadelphia, told the audience there is hope for humanity.... [read full article]

March 18, 2015
Leading Physicist Tells Students Science is Fun (Article on

National Geographic Explorer and leading theoretical physicist, Dr Stephon Alexander, delivered the keynote address at the opening of the UCCI's STEM conference. In an engaging talk about his life in science, interwoven with his musical prowess, he encouraged local students to press ahead into the cool and fun world of science. He described his job as hanging out with cool people in a secret society of X-man type characters who spend their time asking the big questions and thinking about the answers.... [read full article]

March 17, 2015
Dinosaurs and Aliens Under Microscope at STEM 2015 (Article on

Alien worlds, meat-eating dinosaurs, interstellar travel, drone technology and lionfish are some of the diverse topics under discussion at the Science Technology Engineering and Math conference, starting Tuesday. Stephon Alexander, a professor at New Hampshire’s Dartmouth college and a National Geographic Explorer, will give the keynote speech to open the conference at the University College of the Cayman Islands.... [read full article]

September 3, 2014
S-T-E-M Spells Cayman's Careers of the Future (Cayman 27)

Steady growth of Cayman's Special Economic Zone (SEZ) depends on a pool of qualified young Caymanians to take the jobs of the future. That's why Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) is partnering with UCCI to help promote careers in 'STEM'... [full story]

September 2, 2014
Cayman Enterprise City Partners with University College of the Cayman Islands to Bolster STEM Education (Press Release, PDF)

Knowing that many future zone jobs in Cayman Enterprise City will be created by technology companies that will require specialized skills, CEC has partnered with the University College of the Cayman Islands to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to the next generation of Caymanians. Math, science and engineering are all intrinsically linked with technology and STEM courses are tied to educational competiveness and future economic prosperity. By preparing them with the right college courses and experiences, CEC and UCCI want to create a workforce pipeline that will fill jobs in the zone and inspire young Caymanians to start their own companies... [full story]

October 16, 2013
2013 Keynote Address: "Living Your Wildrest Dreams" by Dr. Camille Alleyne, Assistant Program Scientist for the International Space Station (ISS) (YouTube Video Link)

December 11, 2012
GIS Coverage of STEM 2012 Conference Day 2 (YouTube Video Link)

December 7, 2012
GIS Coverage of STEM 2012 Conference Day 1 (YouTube Video Link)

November 26, 2012
GIS Spotlight: UCCI STEM Conference (YouTube Video Link)

October 4, 2012
Making Science Appealing for Young People (Coverage on Cayman 27)

October 3, 2012
Two Astrophysicists and a Mathematician Headline STEM Carib 2012 Conference (PDF )

STEM Carib 2012, Cayman's first ever Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Conference slated for Wednesday-Friday, October 17-19, 2012 attracts international heavyweights including astrophysicists Dr. Shirin Haque of the University of the West Indies (St Augustine) and Dr Ed Guinan of Villanova University, Pennsylvania, USA, as well as Dr. Claude Packer, a multi-awarded educator in the field of mathematics and current President of the Mico University College in Jamaica... [read full release - PDF]

October 3, 2012
Top Scientists Head Bill at Inaugural Conference (Article on Cayman News Service)

Two astrophysicists and a mathematician will be headlining Cayman's first ever science, technology, engineering and mathematics conference which will take place at the UCCI later this month. Edward Guinan, Ph.D (left), a Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at Villanova University was one of a three-man team that discovered Neptune's ring system in 1968. Dr Shirin Haque is the first woman to ever head the Department of Physics at UWI and Dr Claude Packer is considered an icon of science, technology and innovation in the Caribbean because of his love of and commitment to the development of an understanding of mathematics in the wider society... [read full article]

October 2, 2012
STEM Carib 2012 (Coverage on Cayman 27)

September 2, 2012
First Science, Technology, Math & Engineering Conference Set in October (PDF )

The University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI), in collaboration with the University of the West Indies (UWI) St. Augustine Campus, Caribbean Institute of Astronomy (CARINA), the Cayman Islands Ministry of Education, Training & Employment and the Cayman Islands Astronomical Society (CIAS), is staging a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Conference, dubbed STEM Carib 2012 on October 17-19, 2012 at the UCCI Campus... [read full release - PDF]

August 26, 2011
GIS Spotlight: Reach for the Stars (YouTube Video Link)







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